Art of the Spirits Whiskey is proud to release our best and most exclusive release to date! This Cask Strength Single Barrel “Easy Elegance” Rye Whiskey is hand-selected by the staff of Total Beverage.
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Below is a review from Steve Akley, Owner The ABV Network and The Bourbon Daily:
Release: Easy Elegance Cask Strength
Type of Whiskey: Rye
Mashbill: 90% Rye, 5% Corn, 5% Malted Barley
Barrel: New 30 Gallon/Char #4 (Alligator) American Oak
Yield: 120 Bottles (all hand labeled and numbered)
Age: 30 Months
Proof: 127.64
Retail Price: $149.99
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Nose: The nosing starts as soon as you pop the cork. This one is a big, bold whiskey that literally jumps out of the bottle before you even take a pour. I’m catching a variety of scents here that include: oak, vanilla bean, honey and a hint of floral.
Palate: Across the palate this one grows in flavor and intensity. You’re going to get some nice tropical fruit notes upfront, followed by a blast of baked goods and a caramel and toasted marshmallow smattering across the center of your tongue.
Finish: This one finishes with a nice spark of peppery rye that increases in warmth for quite a bit after you swallow the whiskey. I absolutely love what is going on with this one on the finish.
Recommendation: I can’t recommend this one enough. I haven’t loved a rye this much since Jim Beam came out with its Booker’s Rye a few years ago. For $125 (after the coupon code listed above) it’s as good of a deal as you will find in artisan small batch whiskey. In fact, buy two bottles because this one is a drinker… it’s not going to sit around long on your bar, you are going to be drinking this one!